Bank Profile

Highlights of the Bank

  • Official Designation: Bank of Kaohsiung Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office Address: 168 Po Ai 2nd Road Tsoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Chairman of the Board : Ruey-Tsang Lee
  • Date of Establishment : Jan. 13, 1982
  • Objectives: To comply with national financial policy, regulate domestic financial operations, support municipal construction projects, facilitate industrial and commercial development, extend loans to small and medium enterprises, offer agriculture, fishery, labor loan services, as well as render convenient bank services in encouraging people to engage in savings.
  • Capital: NT$10,403,431,060 as of SEP. 11, 2018.

Organization of the Bank

  • Regular Meetings of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Supervisors.
  • Headquarters : Credit Management Dept., Risk Management Dept., Business Management Dept., Treasury Dept., Research & Development Dept., Legal Affairs Dept.,Executive Administration Dept., Human Resources Dept., IT Dept., Municipal Treasury Dept., Business Dept., International Banking Dept., Trust Dept.,Wealth Management Dept..
  • Branches : 36 Branches (including one Offshore Banking Unit and two Mini-Branches。)